Welcome to Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm!

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 1980 Quarry Rd., Salford, PA 18957

PLEASE NOTE: While we are available most times for tours and shopping, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here. Try either Alex at 484-431-5587 or Sandy at 484-431-9305.

Also: Many GPS’s do not recognize our zip code. If that occurs, use Harleysville 19438. That should get you here.

NOTE: Our events page has recently been updated. Check it out to see what we are doing this year.


If you haven’t visited our farm yet, you can take a video tour produced by Montco Happenings TV, in the comfort of your own home.



Our new Americauna chicks are beginning to spread their wings. We recently discovered them roosting on top of their fenced pen. Hopefully they won’t fly out. If so, it will give Chester something to do to round them up. He already got them back in once when they squeezed out between the gate and fence post.

We are looking forward to supplementing our brown eggs with some blue/green ones, just for fun. They should start laying by the Fall.

Our new Americauna chicks at 10 weeks old.
Our new Americauna chicks at 10 weeks old.


• Our 6th Annual Agility Invitational was a huge success. The weather was perfect. We had 20 competitors from three 4-H clubs, one from as far away as north Jersey. Our kids took advantage of the home turf to garner four first places, four seconds, three thirds and two fourths.

In the Junior Age Group (8-11), Naomi finished first in agility and second in showmanship, Kayla was second in agility and third in showmanship, Annabelle was third in agility and first in showmanship, while Asher, in his very first competition, placed fourth in agility.

In the Intermediate Age Group (12-14), Ava was first in agility and fifth in showmanship and Aiden was second in agility.

In the Senior Age Group (15-17), Julia was first in agility and fourth in showmanship, while Grace placed second in agility and third in showmanship.

Naomi taking Chevy through the streamers
Agility group
Group shot of Little Lost Creek contestants
Annabelle taking Channing across the bridge
Asher leading Channing through the pool. It was the very first competition for both of them
Aiden backing up Chase
Aiden backing up Chase

• If you missed the goat shearing on June 4th, don’t feel bad, so did the shearer. Fortunately he came by on Sunday to give Pete and Pippin their spring haircuts.

Pete getting his spring haircut.
Pete getting his spring haircut.


Please stop by the farm on June 18th, beginning at 9:30 to watch our 4-H kids take on another 4-H club from Bucks County in an agility and showmanship competition. It should be entertaining. If it’s a nice day, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the tranquility of our farm.

Spring News

Little Lost Creek has been in the news a lot lately. MONTCO Homes, Gardens and Lifestyle featured us in its Spring issue. It was a very extensive article accompanied by many photos of our farm and work. It is a great magazine for learning all about Montgomery County. Even if you don’t live there, you can discover unique places to visit.

Cover of MONTCO Spring Issue
Cover of MONTCO Spring Issue

For the Philly Farm and Food Festival, two of our alpacas were front and center on the cover of Philly Weekly.

Philly Weekly
Philly Weekly

And finally, Little Lost Creek has gone solar. Solar City erected 44 solar panels on our barn and house, which they estimate will cover 96% of our electric bill. It seems like a great company to work with, and we are very pleased to do our part for global warming.

16 of 44 solar panels went on the front of our barn roof.
16 of 44 solar panels went on the front of our barn roof.



All the information about our 2016 Art Camps can be found on the Art Camps page. Click on the tab to the left.


Visitors to our farm have often remarked that they would love to own their own alpacas, but for one reason or another were unable to.

As a response to those people who love the animals but can’t own their own, we are offering an adoption program.

You can choose which alpaca you would like to adopt and for a fee of $20 you will receive the following:

  1. Updates on your alpaca’s health, weight and activities (such as shows it may enter or markets it might visit).
  2. An 8×10 photo of you and your alpaca.
  3. A copy of your alpaca’s National ARI registry certificate.
  4. An alpaca finger puppet.
  5. Visitation rights. Give us a call when you would like to come out and see your alpaca. You can even take him or her for a walk.
  6. Help in the shearing of your alpaca and receive a sample of its his or her’s fiber.

The adoption program is valid for one year.

To choose your animal, you can look at them on our website. Just click Our Girls and Our Boys to see all of the alpacas or come to the farm and choose one in person. If you are interested, please give us a call, click on the red link below, fill out the application and send it to us.

Adoption application