Welcome to Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm!


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 1980 Quarry Rd., Salford, PA 18957

PLEASE NOTE: While we are available most times for tours and shopping, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here. Try either Alex at 484-431-5587 or Sandy at 484-431-9305.

Also: Many GPS’s do not recognize our zip code. If that occurs, use Harleysville 19438. That should get you here.

NOTE: Our events page has recently been updated. Check it out to see what we are doing this year.


If you haven’t visited our farm yet, you can take a video tour produced by Montco Happenings TV, in the comfort of your own home.

Fall 2017

Hard to believe the summer is just about gone. We have a very busy schedule this fall and hope to see everyone at one or more of our fall events. Remember, you are always welcome to stop by, even if there is nothing going on. Just call first.

Here’s the lineup:

Beginning Sept 1st, we will be returning to the Lansdale and Perkasie Farmers Markets. Please check ahead to make sure we will be there when you plan to go. We don’t normally attend if rain is predicted.

• On Sunday, Sept. 10, we will be taking two alpacas to the Malvern Harvest Octoberfest in Burke Park, Malvern, from 11 a.m-4 p.m. Malvern is a quaint, historic itown n the upper Main Line. There are many unique vendors attending this festival.

• Our ever popular goat shearing will take place on Friday, Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. Our shearer Hoyt Emmons is always entertaining and educational. If you haven’t witnessed a shearing, this is a good one to attend.

• One of our signature events of he year is the Montgomery County Best Kept Secrets Tour. For $9 you get a ticket to an exciting shopping tour. Nearly 30 off-the-beaten-track businesses await your discovery. The event runs from Oct. 19-Nov. 4. Every ticket is a booklet the names, addresses and brief descriptions of all the businesses as well as a map, entry forms for tour drawings and coupons. Tickets can be purchased from us either at the farm or at one of our events or by going online at www.bestkeptsecretstour.com.

And that’s just the start. Stay tuned for further events.





Summer 2017

Farm, Home and Youth Fair

The Farm, Home and Youth Fair (formerly the 4-H Fair)was held on Aug, 10-12. Unlike the scalding temperatures last year, this year’s fair was pleasant and rain-free. Our 4-Hers did a great job of educating the public about alpacas as they walked them around the fairgrounds.

The Alpacateers carrying the banner in the Opening Parade.

In the competition segment on Saturday, Kylee won the 12-14 age group in showmanship and agility and went on to be crowned Grand Champion. Vanessa achieved the same success, winning the 8-11 age group in showmanship and agility. For her effort, she was the Reserve Champion. Ironically both girls are first-year club members. Congratulations!

Kylee backing up Dagger in the agility competition.
Vanessa holds Channing still, while Sarah pats her.

In the 15-18 age group Sarah won the showmanship blue ribbon and Maggie, taking King Arthur in his very first competition, won the agility portion.

Sarah opening the umbrella over a reluctant Dagger.
Maggie putting Arthur’s front feet in the circle.

Other contestants were:

Weston with Arthur.
Leah and Channing.
Jonathan and Dagger.

Congratulations to all the participants, some of whom had to contend with reluctant animals.

Parrticipants from left, Maggie (15-18) first agility, second showmanship; Jonathan (15-18 third showmanship, second agility; Sarah (15-18) first showmanship, third agility; Kylee (12-14) first showmanship, first agility; Annabelle (12-14) second showmanship, third agility); Kayla (12-14) third showmanship, second agility; Vanessa (8-11) first showmanship, first agility), Leah (8-11) second showmanship, second agility; Weston (8-11) third showmanship, third agility. In back Julia, an alumni Alpacateer, who did the emcee duties.

Quilt Raffle

Little Lost Creek is sponsoring a quilt raffle to raise funds for our alpaca club to attend agility competitions. Each of our club members was given a 10″ inch square of fabric and asked to design a farm animal or farm scene and then needle felt it onto the fabric. One of our mothers graciously volunteered to stitch them all together. The result, as you can see below, is a unique creation. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the hard work everyone put into the project.

Tickets for the raffle are $3 apiece or 4 for $10.

The winner will be drawn at our farm on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 3 p.m, following an agility demonstration our kids will be presenting.

We will be selling tickets at the farm and other events we will be attending, like the Lansdale and Perkasie farmers markets.

• Meet our newest alpaca. King Arthur arrived at the farm on Sunday, June 4, 2017. We purchased him from Rocky Run Farm in Malvern as a fiber animal and as another alpaca we could use for agility competitions.

He’s a real cutey. He was born on Oct. 4, 2016. We have put him in with the females because he is still small and won’t get beaten up by the “big guys.” He and Channing are striking up a friendship as they are closest in age. We think he will be a great addition to the farm with his pleasant disposition and “crimpy” fiber.

Please stop by and say hello to him.

Arthur is our newest addition to the farm.



Adopt-an-Alpaca (or a goat or a sheep)

Visitors to our farm have often remarked that they would love to own their own alpacas, but for one reason or another were unable to.

As a response to those people who love the animals but can’t own their own, we are offering an adoption program.

You can choose which alpaca you would like to adopt and for a fee of $20 you will receive the following:

  1. Updates on your alpaca’s health, weight and activities (such as shows it may enter or markets it might visit).
  2. An 8×10 photo of you and your alpaca.
  3. A copy of your alpaca’s National ARI registry certificate.
  4. An alpaca finger puppet.
  5. Visitation rights. Give us a call when you would like to come out and see your alpaca. You can even take him or her for a walk.
  6. Help in the shearing of your alpaca and receive a sample of its his or her fiber.

The adoption program is valid for one year.

To choose your animal, you can look at them on our website. Just click Our Girls and Our Boys to see all of the alpacas or come to the farm and choose one in person. If you are interested, please give us a call, click on the red link below, fill out the application and send it to us.

Adoption application