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Welcome to Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm!



PLEASE NOTE: While we are available most times for tours and shopping, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here. Try either Alex at 484-431-5587 or Sandy at 484-431-9305.

Also: Many GPS’s do not recognize our zipcode. If that occurs, use 19438. That should get you here.

2014 Fall Events at Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm


Dec. 6,7,13,14,20,21Little Lost Creek Open Christmas Open Houses.

We will be open Saturdays and Sundays in December from 12-4 (or by appointment) leading up to Christmas. Stop by and purchase a unique gift for someone special.

Lottery Winner

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on the Montgomery County Best Kept Secrets Tour. We are happy to announce that Pat Lederer of Parker Ford was the lucky winner of our $50 raffle. With her prize money she purchased a wonderfully soft alpaca blanket. Congratulations to Pat.

The lucky winner of our $50 raffle.

The lucky winner of our $50 raffle.

Capture the Flag

Sunday, Oct. 12 was what we hope will become an annual event. We had close to 30 parents, children and guests participate in a game of Capture the Flag. Our President and Vice President drew names out of a hat to determine teams. After 10 minutes for each team to hide its flag and delegate duties, the game began. The teams were evenly matched so no one was able to capture the other team’s flag. However, when time expired, the Red team held a 7-5 advantage in number of prisoners and was declared the unofficial winner. We thank everybody for participating. A good time was had by all, except the few that were caught in the first 10 minutes and had to stay in jail almost the entire game! No team was able to release any of its prisoners.

Some people tried to cheat by wearing camouflage.

Some people tried to cheat by wearing camouflage.

Goat Shearing

Thanks to all who came over for the goat shearing. It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the event.

Pippin getting his semi-annual haircut.

Pippin getting his semi-annual haircut.


And finally, don’t forget we offer art lessons. Now is a perfect time to learn a new craft such as dry or wet felting, weaving or dyeing.

The art mediums that will be offered range from very traditional to very contemporary. Some of the mediums and possible curriculum are:

Drawing – Still life, landscape, animals, linear perspective, portraits, self-portraits, mixed media and collage. Various mediums are pencil, charcoal, and pastel.

Painting – color theory, watercolor techniques, acrylic on canvas.

Sculpture – animals, human anatomy, nature, found objects. A variety of materials might include wire, plaster, clay, fiber, and Sculpy.

Fiber Arts – wet and dry felting of a wide variety of projects.

Weaving – Learn basic weaving techniques on a simple inkle loom.

For more details please click on the Art Lesson tab on our main menu.