Welcome to Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm!

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 1980 Quarry Rd., Salford, PA 18957

PLEASE NOTE: While we are available most times for tours and shopping, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here. Try either Alex at 484-431-5587 or Sandy at 484-431-9305.

Also: Many GPS’s do not recognize our zip code. If that occurs, use Harleysville 19438. That should get you here.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just a short two weeks away. Don’t be rushing out at the last moment (like we usually do) to find your special someone a gift of love or appreciation.

Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm will be offering a 10% discount of all purchases on Saturdays Feb. 6 and 13 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. We will also be open by appointment, so if you can’t make it on those two Saturdays, give us a call.

This is a great opportunity to purchase special items like sweaters, blankets or rugs. We also have a good selection of alpaca socks, scarves, hats and gloves.

Stop by and see our August baby, Channing. She is getting big and is already showing signs of being an excellent agility animal.

For anyone who might be interested in purchasing an alpaca or two, we have some special deals with financing and delivery in the spring.

We hope to see you all in the next couple of weeks.


All the information about our 2016 Art Camps can be found on the Art Camps page. Click on the tab to the left.

Blizzard of 2016

The recent blizzard caught our chickens off guard. It snowed so much they couldn’t get back to the chicken house. Alex finally had to carry each one back in.

Out in the snow with nowhere to go.
Out in the snow with nowhere to go.


Visitors to our farm have often remarked that they would love to own their own alpacas, but for one reason or another were unable to.

As a response to those people who love the animals but can’t own their own, we are offering an adoption program.

You can choose which alpaca you would like to adopt and for a fee of $20 you will receive the following:

  1. Updates on your alpaca’s health, weight and activities (such as shows it may enter or markets it might visit).
  2. An 8×10 photo of you and your alpaca.
  3. A copy of your alpaca’s National ARI registery certificate.
  4. An alpaca finger puppet.
  5. Visitation rights. Give us a call when you would like to come out and see your alpaca. You can even take him or her for a walk.
  6. Help in the shearing of your alpaca and receive a sample of its his or her’s fiber.

The adoption program is valid for one year.

To choose your animal, you can look at them on our website. Just click Our Girls and Our Boys to see all of the alpacas or come to the farm and choose one in person. If you are interested, please give us a call, click on the red link below, fill out the application and send it to us.

Adoption application

Pa. Farm Show

We are SO PROUD of our 4-H Alpacateers. They turned in outstanding performances at the 100th Pa. Farm Show on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The Farm Show is the largest indoor farm show in the country. As such it is a very prestigious event. Placing in the farm show is akin to competing for a state title in athletics.

It was an early start for the kids as they had to arrive for registration at 7 a.m. Grace and Julia competed in the Intermediate Division, while Jonathan performed in the Junior Division.

Julia set the standard by placing third in obstacles with Morgan, and Grace rose to the challenge with a blue-ribbon performance with Chase. Jonathan also guided Chase through the obstacles and finished second.

In showmanship, Julia finished sixth, but Grace was not to be outdone as she added another blue ribbon to her collection. Jonathan kept his streak alive with a second red ribbon. He lost to the winner in both classes by a single point.

Grace posing with her first place ribbon.
Grace posing with her first place ribbon.
Jonathan and Chase
Julia (right) in Showmanship Class

The following are three videos of Grace’s, Julia’s and Jonathan’s performances:


In addition to the three members who were showing alpacas, five others were demonstrating fiber arts in the same arena. The public was invited down to ask questions and see the projects up close.

Mary, Naomi and Aiden demonstrating the pin loom and inkle looms.
Mary, Naomi and Aiden demonstrating the pin loom and inkle looms.
Farm Show demo2
Sarah (left) and Jessy Joy demonstrate drop spindle spinning.

Because it was the first time alpacas were a part of the show, they attracted a lot of media attention.

Lancaster Channel 8 did a piece on the show, though it didn’t include any of our members. Here is a link to the segment.


The Harrisburg Patriot-News also posted photos of most of the participants with their alpacas:


The Reading Eagle did a story featuring Julie. The following link gives you the lead photo and headline but you can’t access the story unless you have a subscription. They are supposed to be sending us a copy of the newspaper.


Lancaster Farming ran a front page story on the alpacas and also put a video up on their website. Below is a link to the website:



Three of our members also competed in the 4-H Potato Judging Contest. It was only the second year that Montgomery County entered teams. Grace shocked herself again by collecting a third blue ribbon as her team won the A-Team Division. She was also second overall of 63 participants, falling short of her fourth blue ribbon by a scant 3 points.

Naomi and Annabelle were members of B Team 2, which placed second among B Teams. Montgomery County placed four B Teams among the top 7.

Grace, Annabelle and Naomi
Grace, Annabelle and Naomi