Welcome to Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm!



PLEASE NOTE: While we are available most times for tours and shopping, please call ahead to make sure someone will be here. Try either Alex at 484-431-5587 or Sandy at 484-431-9305.

Also: Many GPS’s do not recognize our zip code. If that occurs, use 19438. That should get you here.


Find Little Lost Creek Alpaca Farm at the Philly Farm and Food Fest, Sunday April 12 from 11 – 4. Philadelphia Convention Center.

We are very excited to be one of 82 vendors who will be participating in this event. We hope many of you will stop by and see us.

 New at Fest in 2015

Fair Food and PASA are delighted to invite you to the 4th Annual Philly Farm & Food Fest, April 12th 2015 from 11am to 4pm! Fest is a one-day event that promises to inspire and connect consumers, farmers, and food artisans in our region. We hope that you will join us this year as we move our community closer to the source of their food, and lift up the passionate, dedicated growers and makers that produce our region’s rich abundance. The Philly Farm &Food Fest was created as a unique opportunity for local farmers and food artisans to connect with thousands food loving Philadelphians!

Attendees will have the opportunity to taste hundreds of delicious samples of local food and find new ways to buy, cook, grow and share local food every day!

For more information visit the website at: phillyfarmfest.org




Campers drawing the alpacas, one of many art activities available at camp.
Campers drawing the alpacas, one of many art activities available at camp.

    2015 marks the third year of Art Camp at Little Lost Creek, and I am thrilled to share that campers from last year report having had a blast! The groups were small, as planned, and many of the kids knew each other, making for a comfortable beginning of the week. Besides the very fun art work that was created, everyone enjoyed drawing and herding the alpacas, and playing with Pete and Pippen the goats, and of course, Chester-the-dog.

Come join in the fun of a small art camp with a lot of one-on-one attention to your work. We will explore the farm, the animals, the ecology of the woods, and much more.

For more details, click on the Art Camp link at left for more specific details.

Afternoons or Evenings at the Mad Felters!

Come and enjoy a relaxed workshop on wet or dry felting (or both) and bring home something you can delight in having made.

Build your own felting party – we can work out days and times that work for you and your friends. I’ll provide all of the materials, instruction, plus goodies to eat and drink. Most parties run 2- 2 ½ hours. Just come ready for fun!

$20 per partier

Call Sandy to schedule – 484-431-9305


And finally, don’t forget we offer art lessons. Now is a perfect time to learn a new craft such as dry or wet felting, weaving or dyeing.

The art mediums that will be offered range from very traditional to very contemporary. Some of the mediums and possible curriculum are:

Drawing – Still life, landscape, animals, linear perspective, portraits, self-portraits, mixed media and collage. Various mediums are pencil, charcoal, and pastel.

Painting – color theory, watercolor techniques, acrylic on canvas.

Sculpture – animals, human anatomy, nature, found objects. A variety of materials might include wire, plaster, clay, fiber, and Sculpy.

Fiber Arts – wet and dry felting of a wide variety of projects.

Weaving – Learn basic weaving techniques on a simple inkle loom.

For more details please click on the Art Lesson tab on our main menu.